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The fish currently in my tank are as follows:

Royal/Brazilian Gramma, Gramma loreto

The first fish added, has the weirdest home. It lives and sleeps in a burrow it made in the tube leading into my under ground filter. When it gets scared it darts underground it is the strangest thing to watch.

Dragon Sifter Goby, Amblygobius phalaena

This guy is so much fun to watch, he is constantly sifting the sand through his gills to pick out the bugs, and keeps my sandbed so clean and free of algae. He also eats frozen and flake food so he doesn't completly wipe out the local fauna in my sand bed.


Clarkii Clownfish, Amphiprion clarkii

This gal just adores her anemone, after adding the RBTA in april she has been so less agressive and took to the anemone within twenty minutes of dropping it in the tank. She would defend it to the death, she charges my hand anytime I gets near the RBTA, once to the point of her flying out of the tank when she missed. I am hopping to get another and have a breeding pair, will keep you posted.

Hitchhiker Goby

Amazing what you'll find on your live rock, I happened across a little goby one day that came on some liverock from the Flordia Keys. Coolest little guy, just wish I would see more of him. You can see pictures at