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Finger Leather, Lobophytum sp.

I really love this coral it is the largest piece in my display so it steals all the attention, when I bought it it was in a kinda iffy condition, the base was starting to turn yellow and decompose. But after nine or more months it has fully recovered and is showing excelent growth, so much that I will have to move it lower in the tank to stop it from drying out when I forget to top of the water one day.

Green Ricordia yuma

This is my mothers coral, she paid for it and everything. In the seven months that we had it, it has budded off two daughter polyps and is in the prosses of having another. Don't tell my mom but the babies are mine.

Orange Montipora capricornis

I can not belive the growth rate on this coral. It grows at least a quarter of an inch a month, and has started to cover the rock it is attached to. Update, bad news my tank got way to hot this summer and the Monti got RTN, it is almost completly devoid of flesh. Update, wow this thing really kmows how to bounce back after two weeks the tissue has started to regenerate, hopefully it will be back to its formor glory in no time.

Green Open Brain, Trachyphyllia sp.

This guy has had some really rough times, back when I had pepermint shrimp they were always picking at this coral. So much that the flesh had started to dissolve in one of the mouths. After they pepermint shrimp were removed this little, make that now big, guy made a full recovery, and has even started to produce a little daughter on the base of the skeleton.

Red Sea Pulsing Xenia sp.

This has got to be my favorite coral, I just love how it is the only coral able to move on its own. It is just so relaxing to watch it pulse for whatever reason they do it.

Wow I really have to update this picture I have some way cooler one than these. Yah, I think zoo's are self explanitory.

Button Polyps (I think)

Wow these started out as on little one on the Xenia rock, and in seven months I have nine, these guy grow way to fast and I can't get them off the rock.

Clove Polyps, Clavularia sp.

Well I thought these guys weren't going to make it, they were my first coral and I added them to soon so out of about a hundred or so ONE made it. It was just sitting there all by itself for about eleven months then I had two, then three, and now five. Wow I think they are actually going to make it.