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Welcome to Paco's Reef

This site is dedicated to my 30g marine reef, and although I am only a senior in high school I some how manage to find the time to do homework, stress about college, hold on to what shred of a social life I have, maintain my tank, and take care of this site. So this site is for the one thing that keeps me sane, or at times insane, but is'nt that what it's all about?

Site updates

Well I only took a year of reefing and I already have a website dedicated to this little obsession. We'll just call this a work in progress.

7/12/05 - Site set up

7/14/05 - Added another Juv. Clarkii

7/24/05 - Recived Order from added 10 corals and more snails.

12/04/06- Well it been well over a year since my last update but somehow this site has survived. The tank changed alot and is now in the hand of my parents back in Colorado. They are taking great care of though.

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I love when people take intrest in my obsession, so don't hessitate to email me with questions comments ex and don't forget to sigh my guest book (that is when I get a guest book).

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